Today was the last day of this year’s Ottawa International Animation Festival. There were screenings that I really enjoyed, and others that I weren’t so enthusiastic about.

I learned a lot from The Influence of Osamu Tezuka, presented by Yoshihiro Shimizu, general manager of Tezuka Productions Co. I didn’t remember all of what he talked about, but some important pieces of information stuck with me. Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy, was the “godfather of anime and manga.” He mentioned the use of onomatopoeia in Tezuka’s manga, and he was very lively when he demonstrated a few of them. “tototototo–“. The audience laughed. It made me think of how I’d use sound effects in the manga.  Another tip he talked about was using close-ups on a face for tension or emphasis, and the use of black and white to describe the situation (For example, having a black panel to show that it’s completely dark or to show unconsciousness). Shimizu also talked about the Astro Boy anime, and how Tezuka found ways to make it possible to animate an episode a week. He recycled frames and usually showed people from waist-up so the legs didn’t have to be drawn. He was pretty clever with coming up with ways to get the point across while saving lots of work!

The next screening I saw was the Genius of Osamu Tezuka. It showed a number of Tezuka’s animations. He really was a genius. I loved all his animations. The rest of the screenings I saw gave me all these mixed feelings. Some reminded me of a twisted Japanese horror movie, or left me with this empty feeling of an endless inescapable cycle. They were all Japanese shorts.

This morning, I didn’t wake up in time to see XX in animation. I did make it to the last screening I wanted to see – Once Piece: Strongworld. I’m so glad I put off watching it because it was so worth seeing it the first time in theaters. I had to hold back explosive reactions throughout the movie. It was so good to see the Straw Hat crew again!

I’m still giddy from One Piece. The festival totally ate up my homework time, but I’m too happy to stress out about it. I’d rather play around with screentones and try to decide whether I’d do the manga line art with the tablet or pen and ink.


About connie choi

I am an art student studying first year illustration at Sheridan College.
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