Chibi Banner — start to finish


This is what I had in the beginning. I used the old banner to get the right dimensions and scribbled the chibis in a row.

I printed it and used it as a rough guide for the pencil lineart I’d do on another sheet of paper.

Colour time! I was used to seeing them in greyscale and even in greyscale, I’d switch up the tones sometimes. Here’s the point right before I started to go crazy with constant hue/saturation adjusting. Especially with Ragnvor, whose dress was originally very green, but I switched the dominant colour to the opposite end of the colour wheel. The purple looked nicer next to Yorthas’ blues/purples.

Ragnvor’s dress was too plain, so I dipped her in a rainbow.
Coloured Ulfleif last because she’s the divide between the dazzling lovers on the left and the plainly dressed duo on the right.

Background time!

I alternated between blending up to four textures, two from, one that came with Photoshop, and one that I downloaded last year from school. I made six possible choices for the background, and it narrowed down to these two.

The second one had more contrast between characters and background. It also looks nice between the green sides of the blog.


About connie choi

I am an art student studying first year illustration at Sheridan College.
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