It’s Spring, so here’s some Allergy-triggering lanterns.
Moth and Mikki do not seem to be affected by them, though.



About connie choi

I am an art student studying first year illustration at Sheridan College.
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One Response to Dandelion

  1. KV Johansen says:

    Demons, being a manifestation of the spirit of the natural world, are probably immune to allergies (unlike natural humans and bears, who are a manifestation of the physical side of the natural world and victims of their own biochemistry). Demons probably don’t catch colds, either. I’m not sure what Moth’s excuse is, aside from being a) technically dead and b) composed mostly of will, fire, and bone. Possibly she merely feels it would be undignified to have a runny nose, and so doesn’t.
    P.s. I love this doodle. It has a beautiful serenity to it.

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