Well, here I am. This blog is going to be mostly about my adventures in writing a manga, or Connie’s thoughts on drawing one, so I’ll start off the introductions with myself. I’m the author of quite a few books for children and teens, including The Warlocks of Talverdin series, the Torrie series, The Cassandra Virus and its sequels, the Pippin and Mabel picture books, two short story collections for adults and teens, and two adult non-fiction works of literary criticism, Quests and Kingdoms and Beyond Window-Dressing. And, I can now say, some adult (i.e. grown-up) fantasy as well: my novel Blackdog is coming out from Pyr in September 2011.

But until now, I’ve never written a manga. Or a comic. Or anything of the sort.

Connie is the artist, and she’s in the same boat. We’re learning as we go, and having a great time doing it.

As I mentioned above, bout six months after we started talking about doing the manga, the novel that started it all was accepted by the US publisher Pyr. Blackdog was the first thing I wrote with Moth in it; “The Storyteller”, on which the manga is based, was written later, because I wanted to think about where Moth came from and I think about that sort of thing by writing it. As it turned out, “The Storyteller” made it into print first. (Twice: first in the eponymous book of short stories and then in the Australian magazine Andromeda Spaceways.) However, given our slow pace (both of us having other commitments), I’m pretty sure that Blackdog will be out before Sword of Ice and Shadows, the third outing for “The Storyteller”, sees the light of day, except in excerpts on this blog. But we’ll get to press eventually. Really.


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