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What’s happening with the manga project?

Well, not much, lately. We haven’t abandoned it! It’s just progressing very slowly; Connie’s studies have to take priority over getting this out, though it’s still on our minds and every now and then, we get a little further with … Continue reading

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Blackdog and White Dog

Three rousing cheers, champagne and fireworks … okay, cheese and crackers, not fireworks. Might frighten the neighbours. My author copies of Blackdog have arrived. There’s nothing quite like that first moment of opening a box and viewing those shiny copies … Continue reading

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The Black Box is now out!

Ahh, I hate to bump that beautiful toned panel off the top of the list, but it’s time for a book announcement. The Black Box, the third Cassandra Virus book, is now out. You can all dash off to order … Continue reading

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Black Box cover art! And Hurricane Earl.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that Connie is doing the cover art for my latest book, which is coming out later this autumn. Authors don’t usually get to have much say over cover art; there’s an article … Continue reading

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